Our International Partners

TauroPharm GmbH

TauroLock (By Tauropharm GmbH) is an Anti-microbial Catheter Lock. It is an anti-coagulant and an antiseptic bactericidal that can keep catheters and access lines clean and infection free with no occlusions.
With its 4 different types, Taurolock is the best option for Dialysis catheters, Oncology Port-a-caths, and even Parenteral Nutrition Tubes.
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Healcerion EMEA

SONON 300L SONON 300C are the 2 models of the Portable Wireless Ultrasound Device made by Healcerion and granted CE Mark & FDA Approval.


Innovative ultrasound solutions that make diagnostic ultrasound effortless


Promoitalia, an Italian company leader in the aesthetic medicine field.
VM CORPORATION is a specialized company of PROMOITALIA